Level Designer - UE3

Level Designer - UE3

Postby CrysAk » Tue Feb 19, 2008 9:39 am

Hey guys, just a quick post to introduce myself more formally

those of you that have been in IRC during GMT+0 times usually see me idling there but figured I would say hi to everyone here and give a few details about myself

apologies for not showing my head since the start of the project much, had a bit of a busy schedule but looking to clear up soon so I can dive in and help you guys along :)


Name : Chris
Age : 21
Location : UK
Profession : Designer
Tools : Unreal Engine (2.0/3.0)m Hammer Ed, Radient, Maya, Lightwave, Photoshop and all the fun MS stuff Office includes

formalities out the way

I have a fair bit of knowledge with Unreal and art/design for games (9 yrs roughly, 3.5 years industry, yup started young lol) so if you got any questions (esp concerning UE3) feel free to send us a mail/pm as if your fairly new to Ue3 I can understand how much of a headache it can get ^^

Also if you want to show off some of your work (i know the feeling once you've finally completed something you worked long and hard at and wanting others to give feedback or just look at it lol) feel free to throw some screens my way, always like looking at others work ^^

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