Manic Depression

Manic Depression

Postby whitfield » Wed Oct 31, 2007 5:34 am

my brother in arms
fight all that you will
for when the winter draws near
you'll have only yourself to fear
once inside the darkness, we see only ourselves
no knowledge that we're lost in the thick-wooded dells
let not the cold bring anger into your soul
for running will only make you weary and old
this is what was meant to be,
seasons unchanging to the eye that can see
a brighter day looms overhead
the sun yields the wheat yields the bread
as the snow melts and we are granted vision
you must not wander, there's a voice to listen
a mountain you must climb to get to the top
you will stumble, you will fall, but you must not stop
once finished your strive, raise your flag but conceal your pride
you are not free till you've died, the darkness is still inside
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