Why We Work - Lab 6

Not quite machine code, but about as close as you can get without getting lost in the frey.

Why We Work - Lab 6

Postby Bob » Fri Jun 26, 2009 9:17 am

And finally the one you have all been waiting for.
lab 6.zip
1. mReadString, mDelay, mWriteString
the 'm' typically means macro and are not used for procedures

2. A few more comments would be nice

3. mReadString missed last line of file -1pt

4. Use string instruction in stringConv. Just because you know better than
cmp BYTE PTR [SI],AL and inc SI in a loop: -1pt

5. Nice border effect

6. Extra movCursor calls in NEXTLINE loop, -1pt

7. loop count for NEXTLINE loop not preserved properly, -2pts

8. mWriteStringCentered doesn't even attempt to center the string. -1pt

9. moving the cursor to the same place in the NEXTLINE loop -1pt

10. Since you didn't do the extra credit to center the string and figure out the number of lines, you should have formatted the input file so the strings are printed centered in the window. -2pts

11. Need to wait for the user to enter a character and then clear screen and exit. -2pts

I hope you had as much fun creating the problems as I did pointing them out.
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