Day Of total Defeat

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Day Of total Defeat

Postby coast » Tue Aug 14, 2007 11:02 am

I was one of those people who had a banner in my house that says welcome Day of Defeat Source before it came out. I've been playing DOD 1.6 for a very long time, when internet cafes were echoing with "BOMB HaS BEEN PLANTED," I was in my little section enjoying "POINT CAPTURED!!!" I thought DOD was it, the coolest game ever. way before DOD source came all the talk on the servers were "dude did you see those screenshot for DOD source?" man I couldnt wait!! when it finally came out, I couldnt wait to get home from work and own, And it was breathtaking AVALANCHE was beautiful, the ambient sounds were great, but after a few games, and when the awe for the graphics subsided, I started feeling a little constricted, everything seemed so small and the models seemed so big.
The tension that DOD 1.6 had wasn't there anymore, now it felt more like i was playing Counterstrike or worse "CALL OF DUTY!!". this wasn't the DOD i knew, it was like looking at a friend with the same face but not feeling the connection. I kept playing it hoping to run into some of the 1.6 l33ts, but they weren't there. I went to play CS source to see if it still felt like CS and it still did.
I have nothing against DOD source its a very nice looking game, the people who originally modded it, who as i understand made DOD source too should be commended, for the great gameplay that DOD 1.6 brought about. But what happened? why wasn't DOD source a straight port? there was nothing wrong with the game in the first place, now these days I'm back to DOD 1.6. glad that its still there, and you know what those l33t clans are still all there, but i cant help but wonder everytime i play the old DOD what it would be like to have this very same gameplay, open area maps, all running on the source engine "sigh" and you know if that was the case, i wouldnt be here trying to figure out a way to MOD, or looking for the coolest game out there. WHY? WHY?
WHY? maybe someone can enlighten me on why?
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