Unofficial [GAME] meeting...

Unofficial [GAME] meeting...

Postby pugnetti » Thu Oct 25, 2007 11:46 am

Bob, Reiji and I had our first meeting to discuss our new mod idea. The meeting began at JT Mcharts, where we enjoyed hot savory pizza, and ended with us starring at girls at TGIF until about midnight. Girls are great inspiration for uh....well just about anything.

We discussed many things, heads butted, sparks flew, voices were raised, only to be expected when three of the top minds in the video game community gather as one. We want to do a racing game, or more like a racing, wreaking, burning, destroying, full on vehicle customization game, complete with top notch, state of the art physics simulation.

- Here are the topics we discussed:

Vehicle customization:

-Armor (optional)
-Weapons (optional)

Gameplay types:

-Total Destruction (free for all battle)
-Endurance (30 minutes to a few hours)
-Long Jump (Players shoot their cars off opposing ramps and try to hit eachother)
-Drone (escape the Monolithic Badass AI driven vehicle by finishing anywhere but last)
-Speed (i dont need to explain this one)
-Catapult - (don't need to explain this one either)
-Recycling (similar to an olympic swimming event, drivers go back and forth through a course while evading oncoming vehicles)

We also discussed ways in which to balance gameplay, through track construction, vehicle regulations within a match. We want to implement a system of buying and salvaging all vehicle parts. Prizes include not only credits, but parts from your opponents vehicle that you managed to break off during the race. There will be a diverse point system that will allow the player to continue on regardless of race wins. All of our ideas thus far are still being worked out and we are putting all matters "under the microscope" to ensure the community gets a great mod.


I dont think this qualifies as a mod, at this point it is completely our game

- Bob
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Game Types - slight expansion

Postby Bob » Thu Oct 25, 2007 4:23 pm

  • Total Destruction - Free for all battle, in some sort of ring. Think destruction derby.
  • Endurance - Think along the lines of Le Mans, or one of those really long races that NASCAR has. Stay up with your buddy and see who can make it to the 24 hour mark.
  • Long Jump - Shoot off opposing ramps trying to hit each other, or see who can get their car to go the farthest.
  • Drone - Escape an AI driven vehicle by finishing anywhere but last, and forfeiting your opponents
  • Speed - A race on a track designed to allow the player to reach their top speed. Drag Racing and such
  • Catapult - Similar to the long jump only ... off of an aircraft carrier. Enjoy steam & land on passing fishing trollies
  • Recycling - Race from the start point to a distant point, flip a bitch and go back. Try not to get into too much of a fray though. Passing traffic is going to be difficult to avoid.

So far it looks like there will be a single and multi player version of this, so picture a story mode, where you basically build your car out and keep on trucking through other folks. You will obviously have multiple cars and be able to sub them in and out depending on the race requirements.

Ill get into more on this in a bit, i have to get some work done.
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Re: Unofficial [GAME] meeting...

Postby constchar* » Tue Nov 13, 2007 7:17 pm

Sounds like a Twisted Metal 4 type thing but with more of a racing type gameplay and detailed customization.

Bob wrote:I dont think this qualifies as a mod, at this point it is completely our game

I already tried an idea similar to this with Half-Life 2, it's a pointless waste of time.
If it were to be done as a mod I'd think Unreal Tournament, in fact, I think there is already a game like this
for Unreal Tournament 2004.


I found the game I was thinking of.
You can find it at
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