programming reality?

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programming reality?

Postby whitfield » Thu Dec 14, 2006 2:30 am

thats what i personally want to be doing. of course, as bob pointed out tonight, i am too much of a noober to be getting on in such a manner. one thing i read in this book the singularity is near described fractal expansion where things build upon previous layers to form complexity. every layer is comprised of both predetermined things and randomized things, with every layer building upon the previous layer.

anyways, its 4a.m. so excuse my drunkenness. the system i wanted to devise was pretty much an event driven application. i came up with the idea for a school project, but ended up doing something else as the idea was too ambitious.

basically, one event triggers the entire program. from then on, everything is determined by user input and events being sent from one object to another. the way i had designed it, you would never write interaction between two classes. the only thing you interact with is an event base, which holds a set of common events. in addition, every event base has a set of data that gets sent across the event propagation system. you fill it as you choose to.

when you spawn an event, whatever object spawns the event gets information sent back to it telling it how the event was responded to. the object then reacts, which may end up in more messages/events being sent out.

the beauty of this system is that you can derive from event bases, inheriting all the events and data structures that belong to it. it is basically an endless mass of complexity. i dont know what language would be best suited for this system yet, but nonetheless, it is on my todo list of things to experiment with.

hardy har,
mike whitfield
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Postby Bob » Sat Jun 09, 2007 11:30 am

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