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Speaking of subs...

PostPosted: Tue Sep 25, 2007 8:57 pm
by Bob
Yesterday after school kicked my ass...
5:09 PM me: How are you doing homie
5:11 PM matthew: hey man,
just relaxing, doing some animaiton
me: What about a submarine game
5:12 PM matthew: sure i guess,
me: =\
matthew: i mean, could be cool
what r some of the objectives,
5:13 PM me: evade detection
do the Hunt for read october thing
matthew: yea
sorry brbr
me: launch ICBM's at China
matthew: cooking ....
5:14 PM me: track down a rogue sub/destroyer
5:16 PM get away from an attack
assault a super power
clear out dock
avoid mines
5:18 PM matthew: now your talking
i dig it
assault on the dock would be fuin as hell, shit blowing up
5:19 PM really use that stealth tactic
as the foundation,
5:23 PM me: most definitely
i figure play as different types of subs too
rescue missions
5:24 PM matthew: i got an idea too
5:25 PM you'd have to model the whole inner sub
that could be cool
me: most def
5:26 PM choose which part of the sub you would be interested in controlling
matthew: r u thinking futuristic
me: allow AI to take over the others
im thinking both
but of course futuristic