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The Way of The Master

PostPosted: Sun Sep 16, 2007 1:42 pm
by Bob


I know this sort of stuff seems to get on my nerves, but why is is so appealing to have an argument with someone who is not well versed in the topic and edit it together to make yourself look better? I have never in my life experienced a fight when beating up a 12 year old and editing it together meant you were a good person and likewise, when in a debate with someone i don't think that its fair that fools take pride in their choice of verbiage. I am sure i could edit together some bullshit to make Kirk Cameron actually look intelligent, just as easily as he has edited together this video to make himself look like a fool, but the truth is, i dont think that making Kirk or his soul mate who is convinced we didn't evolve - and uses a banana as evidence of this mind you, out to be assholes is any more productive than what they do here with their supposed atheist members.

The question that we should all be asking is very simple. Since your religion is greater than another one - being that you have chosen it, and you like asking questions about knowledge and pull up 99% figures which in and of itself is dumb, if indisputable fact was brought about... a rock with god's signature on it, or for fucks sake - god makes an appearance to us all, and ends up not being your god... how would you react? and to spice things up a bit, would you be able to justify your actions thus far without faltering?