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Postby whitfield » Fri Jun 15, 2007 5:39 pm

There once was a game called corpse killer. In this game, you had two friends: a Jamaican and a hot white chick.

The basic premise of the game is that you are mysteriously on an island to hunt down zombies. The Jamaican wants you to kill the zombies for HUMMA's and GOLD while the white chick wants you to report with a STORY. Basically, you'd have cutscenes where you have the Jamaican and the white chick going back and forth at each other, "GOLD!!! STORY!!! HUMMA!!! STORY!!!".

In the midst of it all, a guy named Hellman who had a bunch of zombie friends would laugh at you for your puny attempts to resolve an unresolvable story line.

A few of the levels featured what my friend and I called, 'witch bitches' because they were, in fact, bitches. They were the toughest enemy in the game. You could, however, ward off the witch bitches with ju-ju sticks. Also handy for witch bitches were datura bullets. Datura, now that I am older, I know is a chemical substance which makes you go insane for a whole month. Interesting.

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