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Gneu Membership & Application Access

Postby Bob » Fri Jun 08, 2007 11:30 am

I guess it has been unclear up to this point that the forum is a separate entity from the rest of gneu, but I guess ill go through the structure of the site and why it is set up in that way.

There are 5 applications under the domain: Drupal, Media Wiki, PHPbb, Mantis (Bug Tracker), and dotProject (Project Management). Each section of the site is separate. That is to say that the Wiki and Forum and the front page are all separate entities. Each stores its information in its own tables in my database and I have no intention of “fixing that.” If there is enough calling for it I can surely create a new page to submit your information to all of them, but probably will just leave a checkbox up on the top of the page to be able to select which apps on the site you want to have access to. All you have to do is post and say you would like that.

That said, Drupal is the only one that very few of you, ergo only developers that are working with will need. The wiki and bulletin board are the only two broad spectrum items that I can think of. The last two are strictly for developers, testers and for contributors to keep tabs on progress and issues that are coming up as time goes on.
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